• Capture video and record it for future viewing if needed

Camera Systems, Remote Surveillance and Digital Recording

Keep watch on your company, employees and customers 24/7 with a CCTV system and remote surveillance solution that includes digital recording for later retrieval of information. Surveillance systems monitor the perimeter of buildings as well as inside the company. CCTV systems with digital recording help verify events while they occur or you can view video at a later date.

Provide safety for your employees and guests through an IP-based network camera system that offers advanced high-speed functionality. Multi-stream IP camera systems transmit live video to a standard web browser for easy remote surveillance. Your camera system can be integrated into any open software architecture to capture, store and replay all your video coverage throughout your entire facility and perimeter. In addition, it will feature high definition (HD) resolution, advanced low light capabilities, consistent color science and fast processing power.

For your complete protection, these advanced camera systems offer on-site and off-site recording and voice-down verification. Remote surveillance provides operators with an additional level of verification to reduce responses to false alarms.