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California Security Concepts
262 Green Moor Place • Thousand Oaks, CA 91361

Phone: 888.206.0170 / 805.498.0700 • Fax: 805.498.6505

ACO 5360 and Contractors Lic. 806185

California Security Concepts is a highly specialized security integration firm with extensive experience designing and installing sophisticated security solutions. Our entire team works together to design, program and install your customized security solution. We establish internal and external roles so that everyone is is effectively operating together. Our technically trained staff will ensure your deadlines are met and your project moves along as planned and within budget. The steps we take are as follows:

PERSONAL CONSULTATION - Our experienced staff will meet with you to discuss a complete security solution for your business. We encourage you to ask questions so you feel completely comfortable every step of the way. Your satisfaction is our commitment to you.

DESIGN AND ENGINEERING - We design and engineer our security solutions to include state-of-the-art electronics and components. Our engineers will ensure a reliable system that you can trust.

PROGRAMMING AND INSTALLATION - Our security solutions are programmed to coexist simply and elegantly within your company's environment. Our designs seamlessly blend today's technology with the landscape of your business.

TRAINING AND CUSTOMER SUPPORT - Rest assure we will provide proper training and on-going support so you and authorized personnel will feel comfortable operating your system with ease. We offer friendly and professional customer service any time you need us.