Burglar Alarms and 24-Hour Monitoring

Burglar alarms help protect your business, employees and customers against intentional harm and destruction. In the event of a break-in or unauthorized access, our reliable burglar alarms will immediately alert employees and guests by sounding a siren. A message will be automatically placed to our 24/7 monitoring station and we will contact you for verification.

Door and window sensors with motion detection and infrared technology will capture any movement once everyone is believed be out of the building or away from the perimeter. Battery back-up systems secure your alarm system from power outages and/or cut electrical and phone lines.

Panic buttons or portable panic alarms allow you to activate an emergency alarm should the need arise. Once activated, our central station will remain in constant contact with you. Glass breaks are added for additional protection. If you happen to trigger an alarm by accident, you can cancel it immediately by simply using your keypad.

Once your burglar alarm is fully installed, we will provide proper instructions so you and your employees will feel comfortable operating your system with ease. We will program your system so you can select the right security measure, no matter if its during business hours or after closing time.