• Check on your home and family while away

Cameras and Remote Surveillance

Protect your family and home by installing discreet cameras inside your home, around the driveway, front door and backyard. If someone unexpectedly knocks on your door, you can simply see who's there by viewing a pre-determined channel on your TV, your home automation touch panel, web browser or PDA. In addition, you can check on your baby upstairs or keep watch on the kids playing by the pool. All this can be done by viewing the same display devices mentioned above.

Remote video access enables you to keep watch on your family and property from anywhere in the world 24/7. We will send you alerts if we detect potential trouble.

Once your system is fully installed, we will provide personalized instructions on how to operate your whole-house monitoring system with ease. We will set-up passwords in the event you have privacy concerns using the Internet or your PDA.